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Display Competence

Built with experience

Being involved for 30 years now with display related problems and their solutions, brings a lot of different aspects for similar situations - and so at least as many ways to get around a given problem or to “simply” avoid it.

With all that work done, all that challenges sorted, all that processes and procedures learnt, all that equipment trained to use, all these material properties selected, all parameters and variables understood and many, many more - with all this experience we built our competency.

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Applying those competencies

Now we like to use all of this in our common next project to help you to speed up your design process, to resolve your cost generating troubles, to create a Tailor-made display for your application at the lowest TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), to double-check with precise measurements “why” your existing design does not work like it should, to bring your system integration to a surprising better performance, to reduce your total project cost, to reduce component count in your designs, to overcome component or material shortages and obsolescence, to find ways for long and extra long term availabilities of display products and components, to develop new materials and processes when needed, to increase your overall (display-)product stability, to integrate new and unexpected functionality into your man-machine-interface - and finally to convince you being our next satisfied customer.

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is our general activity! Every person, everyday is genera­ting innovation based on the challenges our customer bring us, to solve their problems techno­logically best at commercially affordable rates, like our patented light source technology e³.



No matter if you need a display product fitting your needs or a “helping hand” to sort out trouble, generate measurements or simply helping to understand the “why”. There are lots of applications our expertise that could help you.

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Tailor-made displays

Every display application has its own specific profile of use – like a finger-print. So very seldom there are fully working “one-fits-all-solutions”. To cover such problems we provide you with Tailor-made Displays.


About us

Since 1993 a global player in the “Display-world”, offering Tailor-made Displays and technological services only.