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Solving our customers' problems is our main activity. To help you to find an easy way in all this complex matter, we try to simplify the way to describe the key-critical values and their inter-dependency. If you will browse the listed different applications we have “simplified” for you, you will easily get a clear understanding of “why” and “where” such applications are different - and why they will generate different costs.

There also is an extension to this list where you can virtually “create” your own application and will get a first indication on cost category - and you also will have the chance to print or download it to compare it with other listed applications.

- and we hope you will send it as an inquiry directly to us to start discussion for a new common project


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Typical applications

Every demanding application is different, has its own “finger-print” - we tried to categorize the most important values which differentiate all these applications and list them with their very own profile - their “finger-print” - for easier comparison - and hope you will find it self-explanatory.


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Tailor-made displays

Every display application has its own specific profile of use – like a finger-print. So very seldom there are fully working “one-fits-all-solutions”. To cover such problems we provide you with Tailor-made Displays.

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We have been involved for a very long time in developing 3D and “almost 3D” Displays. In this period we have collected lots of experience and competency to help to meet even 3D-Display demands.

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