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  • Quality for over 30 years

    Quality for over 30 years

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  • Display Quality

    ...Basics/Physics – Light - Casing - Brightness - Blackening - Cover Glass - Active Cooling

    i-sft's display Quality


    Glass Panel | Touch Panel | LCD Panel

    In order to provide the best quality products to the customers, we make sure the entire supply chain is controlled. Each single component is precisely selected and thoroughly inspected in order to meet the highest quality standards in the market.


    Glass Panel Inspection Criteria

    The glass panel is a cover glass for the device, which is standard to be coated with an anti-glare chemically etched solution to provide the best see-through quality. The quality of the glass panels is inspected for several criteria, before being used.


    Touch Panel Inspection Criteria

    The touch sensor will be inspected thoroughly once it is combined with the glass panel. This is to make sure both the attachment process and the sensor itself is of the highest quality.


    LCD Panel Inspection Criteria

    LCD Display 01 transp

    The LCD panels purchased from i-sft’s suppliers are also inspected thoroughly, and no other than A+ quality is allowed. i-sft ensures that the LCD panels used within the devices are of the best quality in the market.

  • Optical Bonding

    ...Optical Bonding Solutions from the #1 provider of large format optical bonding service globally

    OPTICAL BONDING solutions


     why from i-sft?

    • Global team of Optical Bonding specialist
    • Stainless steel floor for best electrostatic discharge
    • Large-format automatic optical bonding line (86”+)
    • Semi-automatic optical bonding line (7-86”)
    • Self-designed class 100,000 clean room



    Optical bonding is the process of filling up the airgap between the cover glass / touch panel and LCD cell / module to improve the visual and material features and with that the quality and value of the bonded device.


    target segments

    pyramid optical bonding 01 s


  • Touch Kits

    Touch Kit (front kit) solution for easy integration



     capacitive touch kit's

    • USB-Touch connection, LVDS Interface
    • Anti-glare surface treatment (chemical etching)
    • 10-Finger-Multi Touch Capacitive Touch Panel
    • 1.1mm cover glass with 7H surface hardness
    • Optically bonded Touch Panel to LCD Panel
    • 2 year guarantee (24/7 usage)

    an example :


    faytech touch 01


    needs many required steps





    Clean Sensor and bonding SCA

    press touch pad

    Press TP

    Operate the press machine, place the product, cover with electrostatic fabric

    (TP is touch panel for short)

    material inspection

    Material Inspection

    Sensor functional test - different products, different test fixture and partition


    Check the exterior

    Inspect and clean cover glass, and prepare to optical bonding

    sca cutting

    SCA cutting

    Import product graphics and cut SCA according to production needs.

    SCA is a glue material for bonding