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Electronic display designs with partial NRE

„Create your own display“

electronic displays with partial nre

Basically all our display designs, but preferrably the below listed display desings, can be further modified with just a fraction of a complete set of NRE cost.

Modifications can be done i.e.

  • size
  • resolution
  • brightness
  • housing color/surface condition
  • mounting options
  • type of connectors
  • data interface (LVDS/CMOS/TTL/VGA/DVI/DP/HDMI/other)
  • supply voltage
  • dimming range
  • dimming control interface (CMOS/TTL/PWM/current/voltage/other)
  • touch integration
  • protective cover sheet
  • other

up to 7.0"





No modifications needed, if used as described in above listed display design. All customer driven modifications have to be confirmed from i-sft to be possible. After final confirmation of requested modifications a quote for the necessary amount of NRE will be send to customer. After formal ordering a final specification will be generated and send to the customer for approval in writing. No further activities will start before formal order is processed and written approval of final specification is in.